Top of the World Restaurant Menus


Lunch and Tavern Menu

Open for Lunch 7 Days a week, 11am-4pm (Tavern Menu available in the evening as well)


French Onion Soup – 7

The traditional classic, oven baked with 3 cheeses

Lobster Bisque – 11

Classic-style Bisque with Lobster Claw Meat & Olorosso Sherry



Crispy Chicken Wings – 12

choice of BBQ, or Buffalo (Hot, Medium or Mild) with celery and Bleu Cheese

Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Pita – 9

Baby Spinach and Artichoke Hearts baked in the oven and served with Warm Pita Bread Wedges

Stuffed Mushrooms – 11

Spinach and garlic filled crimini mushrooms, panko gremolata, lemon-thyme butter

Shrimp Cocktail – 13

Five Jumbo Shrimp served with Traditional Spicy Cocktail Sauce



Top of the World Burger -13

8oz. Chargrilled Angus Patty cooked to order with Lettuce and Tomato; add Cheese + .50, Bacon + .75

Traditional Aspen – 14

Our Chargrilled Angus Patty Smothered in Sauteed Mushrooms, Imported Swiss, with a side of Sour Cream

French Onion Steakhouse Burger -17

Short Rib Ground Patty with Swiss, Mozzarella, and French Onions

Pilot Knob -15

Smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, aged cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun, served with onion rings



Organic Greens – 7

Fresh field greens, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onions, Meyer Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Vinaigrette 

Pear & Honey Salad – 10

Fresh Greens, Pear, Pecans, and Goat Cheese with a Citrus & Honey Vinaigrette

Caesar Salad – 9

Organic Romaine Hearts, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, Homemade Croutons, Traditional Caesar Dressing

Heirloom Caprese Salad– 9

Heirloom Tomatoes, Organically Farmed Basil, Fresh Mozzarella, Clover Honey and Balsamic Reduction



The Perfect Club – 13

Roasted turkey, smoked bacon, crisp lettuce, and fresh tomatoes on thick toasted white

Reuben Grille -14

Lean corned beef, sauerkraut, imported Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on grilled rye bread

Monte Cristo -14

Honey roasted ham, roasted turkey, cranberry dressing, and imported Swiss cheese on egg battered toast

Erebus -14

Hot pastrami, Rye, Onions and Spicy Dijon Mustard


House Favorites

Lobster Roll -19

Fresh Lobster Salad and Crisp Green Leaf Lettuce on a Grilled Hoagie with Homemade Coleslaw and Fries

Open Faced Steak Sandwich -18

Hand cut 10oz Choice NY Strip on Toast Points with Garlic and Herb Butter and French Fries




Summer 2019

Open Wednesday through Sunday Night, seating from 5pm to 9pm



French Onion Soup

The traditional classic, oven baked with imported cheese –7

Lobster Bisque

Classic-style Bisque with Lobster Claw Meat & Olorosso Sherry -11



Organic Greens

Fresh Field Greens, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Sweet Onions, Meyer Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Vinaigrette -7

Caprese Salad

Heirloom Tomatoes, Organically Farmed Basil, Fresh Mozzarella, Clover Honey and Balsamic Reduction –9

Caesar Salad

Organic Romaine Hearts, Homemade Croutons, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, Traditional Caesar Dressing -9



Stuffed Mushrooms

Spinach and Garlic Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms, Crispy Herbed Panko Topping, Lemon-Thyme Butter –11

Crab Cakes

Pan-Seared and Served with Remoulade Sauce –14

Shrimp Cocktail

5 Jumbo Shrimp served with a Traditional Spicy Cocktail Sauce –13


A classic preparation of garlic, butter, white wine, and herbs –11



USDA Choice NY Strip

12oz Hand Cut NY Strip. with Rosemary-Merlot Demi-glace -27

Plank Roasted Wild Scottish Salmon

Cedar Plank Roasted Wild Scottish Salmon Fillet with Meyer Lemon & Basil Compote -26

Grilled Loin Lamb Chops

Twin 5oz Loin Lamb Chops, Grilled White Peach Relish, Balsamic Reduction-27

Tuna Nicoise

Grilled Ahi Tuna served Medium Rare with a Tomato, Caper, Olive, and Basil Relish -27

Farfalle Primavera

Fresh Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Sweet Onions, Crimini Mushrooms and Garlic, Sauteed with White Wine and Olive Oil over Bow Tie Pasta -22

Roasted Half Duckling

Crispy Oven-Roasted Half Duckling, Classic Orange and Cointreau Glaze –25

Mushroom Chicken

White Meat Chicken Breast, Sauteed with Garlic, Mushrooms, Olorosso Sherry, and a hint of Cream -24

Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloin

Red Cabbage and Black Bean Brown Sauce, Green Peppercorn Rub- 25

For parties of 6 or more, a 20% gratuity may be added to the bill
Corkage Fee- 20$
Tavern menu available upon request
Please no separate checks



Summer 2019




Michael Sullberg, Sonoma, CA                                       2015                                                           8/  32

             – pears, buttery vanilla, aged in oak, smooth finish.

Vincent Dampt, Burgundy, FR, Petit Chablis AOC           2017                                                        / 44

– soft and light, dry and crisp, with refreshing minerality.

Pinot Grigio

Ecco Domani, IGT Trentino-Alto Adige, IT                       2016                                                      8 / 32

– notes of lemon, apricot, and apples, fresh and crisp.

Altamonte, DOC Alto Adige, IT                                       2016                                                         10 / 40

– crisp acidity, balanced with richness and fruit.

Sauvignon Blanc

Pascal Jolivet, Attitude, Loire, FR                                  2017                                                           12 / 48

– Sancerre styled, crisp apple and citrus fruits with a biting minerality, dry.


Schmitt Sohne, Mosel, GR         1L                                 2016                                                        7 / 35

– lite body, apples and melons, crisp and lively.

Standing Stone, Lodi, NY                                              2014                                                           / 32

– lemon and apple notes with a pleasant acidity.




Michael Sullberg, Sonoma, CA                                       2014                                                              8/ 32

– ripe cherries with hints of oak, smooth light body.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Backstory, Lodi, CA                                                      2015                                                                  8 / 32

– cherry and blackcurrant with medium body, smooth finish.

Grayson, Napa, CA                                                       2016                                                                  9 / 36

– black fruit with a bit of oak spice, round tannins, full body.

Woodward Canyon, Washington State                            2011                                                              / 50

– rich cabernet with notes of black cherry, cassis, pepper and licorice, integrated tannins, complex finish.

Paul Hobbs, Napa, CA                                                  2011                                                                   /100

– black plum and vanilla, dry, full body.


Pinot Noir

Pinot Project, Sonoma, CA                                            2016                                                                9 / 36

– black cherries and a little spice, medium body.

J Hofstätter, Meczano, DOC Trentino-Alto Adige, IT        2016                                                        / 45

– unmistakable pinot noir, with distinctive aroma and fruits, soft, red berries, with lively tannins.






M Chapoutier, Belleruche, Côtes du Rhône, FR               2014                                                     9 / 36

– côtes du rhone blanc with apricot and citrus notes, mineral character, rounded yet fresh.



M Chapoutier, Belleruche, Côtes du Rhône, FR               2016                                                     10 / 40

– grenache/cinsault/syrah blend, dry rosé with strawberry notes, well balanced acidity


Bieler Père et Fils, Aix en Provence, FR                          2017                                                     9  / 36

– grenache/syrah blend, soft and bright, red fruits, sweetness balanced with acidity.




Tenuta Rapitala, Campo Reale, DOC Sicily, IT                 2016                                                     9  / 36

– nero d’avola- soft, balanced wine with powerful structure, distinctive tannins and delicate acidity.


Château Bourbon la Chapelle, Médoc, FR AOC               2015                                                    11 / 44

– cabernet sauvignon/merlot blend, red berry and blackcurrant fruit, well structured with a savory finish.


Château Dubourg, St Émilion, FR AOC                           2013                                                     12 / 48

– merlot/cabernet sauvignon blend, soft and easy drinking, black cherry notes, spice, nice acidity.


Château Lagrange, Les Fiefs de Lagrange, St Julien, FR AOC      2014                                             / 54

– medium body, cherry and blackcurrant, tobacco and liquorice, a bit of spice, medium finish.




Lamberti, Prosecco, Veneto, IT  187ml                           2016                                                        8  /

– fresh, with notes of peach, apples, and pears- dry.

Gruet, Blanc de Noirs, Santa Ana, NM    375ml               2015                                                           / 21

– pinot noir in sparkling form, refreshing acidity with a long finish

Vueve Cliquot, Brut, Reims, FR                                      2016                                                          / 85

– perfectly balance Brut, medium bodied, dry, medium acidity





Astica, Sauvignon Blanc: Argentina                                2016                                                     6 / 24

– crisp with notes of grapefruit, dry.

Dos Minas, Torronetes: Salta, Argentina                         2015                                                     8 / 32

– fresh with citric notes, well balanced acidity.


Flaco, Tempranillo: Madrid, SP                                      2014                                                     6 / 24

– bright red fruits, firm finish, spicy, with a light to medium body.


Arido, Malbec: Mendoza, Argentina                                2014                                                     6 / 24

– plum and chocolate notes with a peppery finish, medium body.



  • Common Roots 6
  • Paradox Brewing Company Draft 6
  • Adirondack Brewing Company 6


  • Blue Moon Belgian Ale 5
  • Brooklyn Summer Ale 5
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade 5
  • Twisted Tea 5
  • Miller Light 4
  • Budweiser 4
  • Bud Light 4
  • Labatt Blue 4


  • Harpoon UFO White 5
  • Sam Summer Ale 5
  • Michelob Ultra 5
  • Heineken 5
  • Corona 5
  • Coors Light 4
  • Clausthaler (N/A) 4