Our Dinner Menu

ClientFiles/124/images/52610wed.pdfThe Farmhouse grows most of its vegetables here on site and tries to buy local and organic whenever possible. The menu changes daily to reflect the best in seasonal ingredients.

Closed 2015 Season


NETTLE & PEA SOUP homemade creme fraiche, mcevoy ranch oil                                 5
MARKET SPINACH SALAD warm sherry, shallots, almonds                                              7
GREENHOUSE RADISHES butter and salts                                                                             6
CHICKEN LIVER PATE pickled ferns, grilled bread                                                                7
ASPARAGUS this morning’s egg, country ham                                                                    9
MAINE MUSSELS chilies, garlic, thyme                                                                                   11
ELIHU FARM LAMB hakurei turnips, pecorino cheese                                                            9
FLYING PIGS FARM PORK rapini, salsa verde, champion radishes,wild hive farm polenta                          28
HANGER STEAK bright lights chard, sheldon farm potatoes, shallot butter                                                       20
HAND ROLLED CAPPELLINI house cured pancetta, shell peas, wild mint                                                       19
HUDSON VALLEY DUCK greenhouse pac choi, spaetzle, hakurei turnips                                                        26
RISOTTO VERDE carolina golden rice, asparagus, nettle meadow chevre                                                       17
PACIFIC HALIBUT maitake mushrooms, cellared parsnips, farmer ground spelt, romesco                         31
            Five course chef’s tasting menu for table                                          55 each
            Drink pairings                                                                                      25 each



Spiced Nuts 4

Hummus 5

Salami 6

Selection of Cured Meats 19

Duck Confit 9


Marinated Olives 4

Butter Beans 7

NY Cheeses 16

Meatballs 8

Rillette 9

Pickles 3